What Things Mean

For Olive Guerrero, different is more than just a word. What does it mean to be different? 14-year-old Olive is struggling to find out.
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Soaring Saturdays

Sarah’s Saturdays are different from other kids’. She spends Saturdays delivering letters and postcards with her father, a postman.
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What’s New

“(W)e all had high praise for Sophia’s evident gravitas of thematic concern and plotline, the unique narrative flow based on dictionary words, and her sophistication of language and diction. We knew that here was a writer of note, in the making or almost already made.”

Alfred A. Yuson

Philippine Star

“We [the judges] were pleasantly surprised with the high quality in the manuscripts submitted this year, which demonstrated greater depth and diversity in their stories, and more sophistication in writing craft as compared to previous years. The universality of the themes will enable all children in Asia and across the world to identify with the stories.”

Sayoni Basu

Head Judge, Scholastic Asian Book Awards 2014

“Sophia Marie Lee and Catherine Torres have made our country proud and have shown to the world the excellence of Filipino creativity and writing talent.”

Sixteenth Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, in Senate Resolution 853